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2017, May 1

From the Club we are very happy to introduce our little opinion corner on the Internet: the Blog of The Production Club.

For a long time, we have had an itch to be able to voice thoughts and ways of looking at the industry related to the craft of production. We hope that through the posts published here we can bring this work, in all its forms, closer to whoever may be interested.

This is not a space shut to personal opinion. Beyond our own writings, we believe it is interesting to show articles from third parties that have drawn our attention. Similarly, not everything will be opinion or analysis articles. The blog is open to other formats such as interviews, educational articles, news or even fiction.

The important thing is the theme. We would like this space to be dedicated to production. Always understanding production as an open work, with many branches and extensions. To talk about creativity, photography and script is also production. We are not going to close the doors to any interesting subject provided that the core of the blog content is related to production in any of its forms or related themes. This idea will be useful as a prism with which to see the reality that surrounds us, it will be the lens through which we will spin a conversation.

We are not writers, we are not bloggers, we are producers. Do not expect perfect texts or immaculate speeches. We are not custodians of absolute truth, nor want to indoctrinate anyone. Yes, we would like to shape this little corner into something didactic, interesting or at least entertaining.. That is why we want it to be a place open to other opinions too. If you would like to send us an article or any kind of text to be published here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Welcome to the Blog