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The Value of Agency Producer

2017, May 3

More and more we have been seeing a great proliferation of small, independent or not agencies, with portfolios that include large clients. On the other hand, due to recent years’ technological advances and economic situation, these clients have the ability (necessity, even) to generate audiovisual material.

Therefore, these modest agencies have the wonderful opportunity to be able to work with these clients in audiovisual projects that were once unthinkable. However, the processes of such projects, due to their complexity, often put a strain on agencies in a way that goes far beyond their organizational and management capacity since they do not count with a producer in their team.

And we wonder how is it that there are so many agencies that do not have a producer on their payroll? The reality is that in many cases, the economic barriers cause this one to be the last addition, since the other jobs are essential for an agency, and also it often may seem like the producer is unnecessary. Account executives can call the agency directly. The creative team and art directors have the ability to work visual themes with the director of the ad. It is even possible to hire an external cost controller to make sure the budget does not blow up in an unusual way. However, all these things that apparently should work naturally do not. Usually, this type of organization creates conflicts and tensions, not to mention exhausted professionals, loss of vital information on the way and calendar disarrays.

Besides, and this is a proven fact, an agency producer can be a very profitable investment in the long term. Just by avoiding small leaks, errors or misunderstandings, he or she is able to save in each project. Also preventing, if they have enough experience, a small or medium agency from resorting to external production service led by a large company, in exchange for considerable fees, if they ever find themselves in the need of shooting a large or very complex project.

There is always the possibility of hiring external production services through a freelance agent, too. However, and given the demand, the cost-benefit of these services are rarely a full guaranteed option if a professional who does not match with the agency or the project is hired. As you can imagine there are many types of agency producers, it should be clear that quality is paid for, and paid for well. On the other hand, and given the nature of the work, it is essential that the relationship between the agency and its producer is one of blind trust and mutual understanding, so that their performance is correct. That is why results will be much better from a producer who has a long-lasting relationship with the agency.

The agency producer is a life insurance, the necessary step of any agency to carry out its audiovisual projects successfully, with maximum quality and with good economic performance. Knowing to have invested time and resources appropriately so that the final piece shine as much as possible. The producer makes the production process and the result itself better and easier, and usually succeeds by making the work of all those around him or her shine more.

Photo by Yosigo.