Mira que eres feo

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Mira que eres feo
Lola MullenLowe
Ibra Muñoz
Production Company
The Production Club


Christmas comes early with "Mira que eres feo", but this year comes stronger than ever. Pescanova surprises us by joking and singing about the famous rodolfos and, how could it be otherwise, Ibra Muñoz is the director of this piece. To carry out this project we opted to do everything on set with construction and lighting. We built the stern of a ship and put behind it a gigantic screen to project images of the sunset, our own images. Several dummy prawns were made by hand to achieve the desired finish; make it funny and not unpleasant. And finally, among many other things, the cover was made from the original song and with the actor's own voice recorded in the studio. A complex piece that leaves no one indifferent.